New supermarket freezers / coolers

New supermarket freezers / coolers

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The supermarket ranges TWIN and SHALLOW and a single island unit SSF200-P has been added to our TEFCOLD product list.

TWIN range is for stores that want the same storage space with a smaller footprint.
This is an innovative solution, when it comes to creating maximum storage and display area.
The TWIN range is build as a single unit with no partition, which means same storage space with a smaller footprint.

SHALLOW range is for stores that want a larger visual impact, with low freezers with extra-large panorama lids. This is one of the most efficient freezers on the market with very low energy consumption.
These units have extra-large panoramic glass lids to create excellent display, which makes them ideal for supermarkets and convenience stores. The internal LED lighting illuminate the interior and product.

SSF200-P is the value for money island freezer for stores in need of large freezing capacity and display. The freezer has 839 liter capacity and large glass lids to create a great display. The unit fits smaller stores or whereever there is a need for larger freezing capacity on a small floor space.

All further technical information regarding dimensions, volume, temperatures, lighting, shelves, energy consumption, branding and so on can be found under the products - go directly to Supermarket Freezers by clicking HERE.